Burj Lake Fountain

Client: EMMAR

Consultant: Hyder Consulting and WET Desgin

Construction Period: 10 Months

Completion Date: September 2009

Project Brief

  • A mega fast track project, which was made operational for soft opening in record 16 weeks time.
  • Over 250M long, larger than 2 football pitches
  • Capable of shooting water from 3 to 150m high, the equivalent of a 50 storey building
  • Has the ability to lift over 22,000 gallons of water into the air
  • Air pressures up to 35 times atmospheric.
  • 40km of Compressed air pipe and over 500km of cable used in the installation, most of which is underwater installation
  • Total power consumption of 10 MW utilized at peak of show
  • Central Battery Emergency Lighting System
  • Fire Detection & Alarm System
  • Building Management System
  • Compressed Air Distribution System (Stainless Steel pipe work)
  • Fire Protection System (Sprinklers, Hose Reels, FM 200)
  • High Pressure Mist Fire Protection System (One of the first
  • Mechanical System comprising of AHUs/FCUs, CHW pumps, Heat exchangers, Cold water booster pump, Hot water pump set, Sewerage and drainage pump setsinstallation in Dubai)